Moon Garden

Harvest Moon

Watching a pockmarked orange
edge westward in the sky,
I recall how I used to call the moon
my mother in my whimsical youth.
On my moon mother’s face I would
wish for love, for comfort,
intangibles longed for by most
of mankind who live a life short
of extremity. The few wishes
that came true came true for a brief
time. One harvest after another
I consumed what I had grown
in the garden of my brain, a desire,
an illusion, a phantom, which, when
plucked, tasted briefly delectable,
sweeter by far than marmalade.
                            --James Kangas

Autumn Moon

Wasn't that a garden of immortality beyond clothes,
To make up faces and places of words
amid the world and forget ourselves,
giving away for kissing, for clapping, for loving,

the outer world thrown back,
returned from years of absence
to know this place by the door,
no matter what we imagined?
                             --AE Reiff

The Autumn Moon

first frost moon
between border fence posts
those young faces
                            --Chen-ou Liu 

car over thirty
and I am older
first frost moons
                            --Jerome Berglund

What is 1,000
miles?  Sleepless night, autumn moon-
spill from cobalt sky 
                            --Kersten Christianson

rainy clouds hide
autumn moon from
snoring fox
                           --Molly Zeigenbein

autumn moon
but harvest time
comes early now
                          --Ceri Marriott

swallows spill into night
between wingbeats—
flickering first frost moon
                            --Karen Zhao

looking up i see
autumn moon in the day sky...
a cooper's hawk calls
                            --Pat Geyer

palm leaves
over cold autumn moon-
like a teacher’s mark
                           --Patricia Furstenberg

autumn moon
in a puddle -
a street rat pauses
                            --Ravi Kiran

autumn moon -
a flock of geese rises
from the lake
                          --Juliet Wilson

autumn moon
fireflies gather
on the screen door     
                         --Katherine E. Winnick

autumn moon
at the bottom of the well
making a wish
                        --Agnieszka Filipek

autumn moon-

through bamboo forest
a distant flute song...

what I heard
in my last life
                       --Ram Chandran

The Old Scarecrow

To Breathe

O silver platter moon,
do you see the blue clouds?
They enter my lungs and force the air out;
the bottled oxygen doesn't help
O eye witness, what else is there to say?
                             --Sulakshana Guha

don't tell the scarecrow
someone is stealing the beans

receding patter
of trembling raindrops
cancer whispers spread
                             --Douglas J. Lanzo

how many autumn moon
still I have
                            --Ram Chandran

gathering storm
the air in the waiting room
heavy with silence
                            --Chen-ou Liu

harvest moon
stuffing a body 
with plastic bags
                            --Mariel Herbert

moldy oranges
scattered on the ground
the smell of rot
                            --Eavonka Ettinger

sickling moon
hollowed out in daily scoops
now the lightness of being
                            --Dr. Vaishnavi Pusapati 

the constancy 
of weeping wisteria 
- blue moon 
                           --Katherine E. Winnick

sentient death poem 
writing itself 
cranberry moon
                             --Jerome Berglund

autumn moon
nothing but the sound of leaves
                            --Mark Scott

with no moon
i tell the fallen moon
of autumn tears
                            --James Young

virtual funeral
the autumn moon
watching through my window
                            --Adele Evershed

in silent midnight
our old scarecrow topples over
weird hollow echo

                                                          --Debbie Strange


October moon, one owl,
one moth, one lonely cricket,
my bed empty too
                             --Jeff Burt

rice dumplings 
and pampas grass decorations
moon viewing
                            --Christina Chen

every leaf
waits for its wind
                            --Ram Chandran

autumn moon -
a black cat crosses
my path
                            --Juliet Wilson

red hues 
of autumn—
booster shot
                            --petro c.k.

October moon
an echo of laughter
through the empty hallway
                            --James Babbs

October morn
farmstead scarecrow gets
a new hat
                            --Roberta Beach Jacobson

first frost moon lost rain
of an autumn equinox 
beech mast never came 
                            --Jenn Martin

last night’s fullest moon
still sings, bell-clear, this morning
—Autumn’s  aria—
                            --Ron. Lavalette

autumn moon
the fraying seams
on her jacket
                            --Kimberly Kuchar

autumn rain              
parasols bloom
on the sidestreet 

just add water
— instant flowers
                            --Christina Chin & Linda Ludwig

On the Water

the autumn moon
floats on the water
sand dunes shifting with the tide
                          --Ceri Marriott

on the Mirror Lake 
autumn rainbow
                          --Christina Chin

moon viewing
our kayak
a little tipsy
                           --Randy Brooks

evening moon 
floating my boat 
in the milky way
                            --Herb Tate

                                                   --Christina Chin

Three Moons


this soulwork's to walk 
through the water's rising foam -
autumn moon
                            --Deborah A. Bennett

this soulwork's to push a stone
up a rolling hill -
autumn moon 
                             --Deborah A. Bennett

this soulwork's to breathe
over the kindling's plume -
autumn moon 
                             --Deborah A. Bennett


autumn moon’s dance
in the womb of sky
                             --B. L. Bruce

swelling body
of the tide
harvest moon
                             --B. L. Bruce

sturgeon moon
light reflected
in each waxy leaf               
                             --B. L. Bruce


hunter's moon —
a gorilla escapes
a lone cricket hymns   
in the white 
and dark gray barn
           --Christina Chin & Uchechukwu Onyedikam

ripened rice field
autumn moon stands in guard
a ragged scarecrow watches 
the farmer separates 
grain from straw
            --Christina Chin & Uchechukwu Onyedikam

harvest moon
out of the blue sky
two crickets serenade
the aroma
of new sake
             --Christina Chin & Uchechukwu Onyedikam

                                                                --Pepper Trail

A Touch of Autumn

For months the White winged Doves
have gathered in the yard
with morning appetites, afternoon
thirst and a blue ring
around their orange eyes through which
the summer threads its
infinite soul. There is war
east of hope in the world
                                        and rain
wandering lost in the sky. There are
sales at the local stores
and red green red lights
flashing at intersections
between good luck and bad. There’s
a hawk who wakes up early
and patrols the urban streets. There’s
a cloudbank building
                                 with a heavy heart
and doves present
then gone. Away they go
to drought’s end,
drinking moonlight on the wing.
                            --David Chorlton

A Touch of Autumn

She whistles through a blade of grass,
      sharp and serrated,
and does not shudder
      when it cuts her lip:

blood and breath to call him, to bind them.  

The wind bends tree boughs low
      like lovers dancing,
as he wraps ethereal arms around her,
      red lips marking him

and the leaves flush and curl, before falling.
                            --Shelly Jones

distant sirens...
in moonlight the barbed wire 
dripping blood
                            --Chen-ou Liu

power cuts—
the first frost moon
out stays its welcome
                                --Adele Evershed

a sickle harvest moon,
two dead bleached cottonwoods
tuning forks of the poors’ harvest
                           --Jeff Burt

the Hunter’s Moon
still in the buck’s eye
                            --Joshua St. Clair

eerie autumn moon
even my wooden owl sleeps
with one eye open
                            --Dana Clark

                                                      --John Hawkhead

Pillow Talk

Evening: Margined with Stars

Evening’s velvet hem borders a fading horizon, 
gently creates
a boundaryless world of nighttime  
margined with stars.
The autumn moon ascends.

No passport, no visa needed. 
                                --Patricia Williams

Owls in the Corn

Fall's moon alchemy -
ring-around-the bonfire rose,
taste of Winter's kiss.
                             --Kevin Maus

Once in a Blue Moon

My husband, cocoon of night,
blue moon on a grey day. His 
scent is cinnamon baking. We
met like a tsunami, turning my
hammered heart into a skyscraper.
                            --Linda McCauley Freeman

harvest moon —
the glow in your cheeks
speaks of love
                            --Bonnie Scherer

october moon rising
richly gilded, warm nights still sing
bats drink from hidden springs
dipping on the wing
we walk hand in hand draped in gold
                            --Ginny Short

You, Still

Fields of barren trees, tranquil under autumn moon,
a rabbit frozen in blue,
the first frost moon painted the world in hues
and you, asleep, my youthful love,
                            --Patricia Furstenberg


I wake on the shore of fever, without memory
we read Tagore, I sit by the door waiting for you
later; running fingers on your lips curved in a smile, beneath the frost moon
I forget you beloved Debabrata.
                            --Smitha Sehgal

autumn moon
his wife's silent treatment
crickets crickets
                            --Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

dark autumn moonrise,
one sleepy eyelid opens,
the other winks shut
                             --Sandy Hiortdahl

autumn rain 
luke-warm love 
                            --Vandana Parashar

autumn moon
shadows walk
with street walkers
                            --petro c.k.

The Moon and the Light of the Sun

We wish to remake a time not lost,
Amid the obvious love kissing, start
Dressing and breakfast, being without body,
in the overnight creation of a world.

Descending from blue sky in lunar white
and autumn gold, white as milk
in a day moon nearing, bright as the sun
the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun.
                            -- AE Reiff

Pandemic Moon
Julia C. Spring

Empty corridor.
Angular sorrow softens:
Deep sky, slim pale moon.

Milk Rice Dish
Vipanjeet Kaur

October full moon -
soaked in its healing rays
my milk rice dish

Author's Note: In India it's a tradition to prepare and keep a sweet milk rice dish under the moonlight on Sharad Purnima so that it can absorb the healing rays of the October full moon. The dish is consumed as a holy offering the next day and is believed to cure diseases.


Autumn poem

Black walnut trees
Stained by October moon
Shed their yellowed garb
Will face what comes
With strength and grace
As deep inside they crochet
Next year’s lace
                            --Elizabeth Hykes

cold tea surrenders,
invites the October moon
to slip into the cup
                              --Jeff Burt

October moon
like the eye of a deer
caught between baying dogs
at dusk
                            --Patricia Furstenberg

orange moon
monarchs come to rest
on the old pine
                            --Randy Brooks

the barn owl blackens
the Autumn Moon
                            --Joshua St. Claire

autumn moon gazing
through storm-tattered alder leaf;
shadowed lace and light
                            --Kersten Christianson

October moonrise
the sky’s abiding ceiling
glows with fire
                            --Katherine Simmons

a star wanes and fades
as the autumn moon rises
a new light by which to steer the ship
                             --Ceri Marriott

sunbeams glance first frost 
moon — dance waterfalls — tree, ferns
infinite fractals
                            --Gerard Sarnat

leaves rustle and fall
a distant symphony soothes
cool air rings with bird calls
                            --Christi Kochifos Caceres

Moon of falling leaves
                                      Greets guests honorably 
Night unashamed
                              Lightly impresses 
Rhythmic crickets filigree
                                            Stars gossamer wickets
             Of receptive opposites
               conjures light
             Of receptive opposites 
The Great Horned Owl
                                       “WHOooOOOooo be you”
Dew soaked grass 
                              Precious eloquence
                                            --Stephen Rozwenc   

cicadas buzz like chainsaws under
a luminous harvest moon
sound gently weaves the silk nights
i imagine that you also
hear the singing of this moon
                            --Ginny Short

                                            --Christina Chin


subtle mellow bathes
rich autumnal moon reflects
earth reaps harvest light
                            --Andrew Collinson

harvest moon
the praying mantis
can’t get to sleep
                            --Randy Brooks

troubled soil reigns 
greens in slow grace can’t remain
by harvest crescent
                            --Jenn Martin

lingering fragrance 
on the passenger seat 
fall peaches              

resisting the urge
will wait for cobbler
                                --Christina Chin & Linda Ludwig

first frost moon -
a squirrel gathers
                               --Juliet Wilson

a harvest moon
some people reap
what others have sown
                             --James Babbs

carving tools and scoops
pumpkins sport happy faces
harvest fun with love
                             --Kate Chamberlin

the autumnal moon
the gyne adores butterflies
- moony fulfilment
                              --Paweł Markiewicz

kitchen’s hot ovens
air redolent with pie spice
watering mouths wait
                            --Kate Chamberlin

autumn moon—
shadows stir in the line
for the soup kitchen
                            --Adele Evershed

at the root
                            --Mariel Herbert

harvest field
moonlight washes
the silence
                            --Subir Ningthouja

falling leaf             
a caterpillar hangs 
by its web

inching its way up
before the early bird 
                               --Christina Chin & Linda Ludwig

                                               --Christina Chin


waning moon
in the chestnut tree -
golden leaves
round it
in their tremble
                            --Steliana Cristina Voicu

aspiring towards elevated 
amidst prozac 
waxing gibbous
                            --Jerome Berglund

yellow moon
he insists on drinking
the harvest
                        --C. X. Turner

all the time
I thought I was right
autumn side effects
                            --Lakshmi Iyer

first frost moon
the bruises on my legs
changing colour
                            --Agnieszka Filipek

crickets chirp
dewdrops on a leaf’s tip 
reflect the fading moon
                            --Karen Zhao

in the fork of a stump
full moon
                            --R. Suresh babu

not a voice or stir...
darkness lies on fields and streets
sad:  the moon has set

Leaves on a limbo

California cobblestones
wear the paint of your
sudden departure/

the carousel colors
rounding the railroad
tracks, cliff diving the
causeway, sketching
skies in north Singapore

with me in the pile up
of lost loves and leaves
that go limbo-ing

'neath these harvest of hills
'neath the autumn time moon
where I climb to each time

seeing y’all off again

Novembering you.
                            --Emalisa Rose

No Autumn in Bali But

Green fields;
Green grasshoppers.
Fresh waterways; fresh fish.
Masked in banyan trees, bulbuls sing.
And beneath November’s moon pandan breath of civets sweetens our air.
                            --James Penha

A passing reference
Curt Linderman

Blood Moon

harder to walk away
than not…
falling leaves moon
                            --Tony Williams

moan and wail of wind
scrape and shiver of dry leaves
silent moon above                            
                            --Katherine Quevedo

blood moon
leafless canopy
banshees cry
                            --Maria DePaul

the bare branches balance 
the autumn moon 
                            --Minal Sarosh

first frost moon
the last look
in her eyes
                            --C. X. Turner

Night Heron
in the brackish, briny edge
of the tidal channel
under the waning light of a quarter moon
a black-crowned night heron
on yellow legs
under tucked gray wings
stands on driftwood
waits for a fish
or a frog
there’s a splash
for an instant, he holds a mantis shrimp
in his thick black beak
dawn comes
with the chill
of autumn fog
and he disappears
the steady beat of wings
all that’s left
                                   --Andrea Wyatt

calls twice.
His keening?
My wild call farewell,
my final vibrato of loss.
                                --Karla Linn Merrifield

Reflecting on the dark side
James Young

A Walk in the Mountains

i walk in the mountains,
in the crevices between rocks,
hunting for mushrooms
and yelling when the bear comes.
on a branch, eating unfortunate otter,
flower behind the ear, a stick in my mouth
to look cool for the animals; no more storm parties
alone in the cave of my tree.
under an autumn moon i wander,
wondering: do they look for me?
i’ve found a better sleep, knowing i’m gone.
sleep is my solace more than the forest -
in the forest there is no music
and your thoughts of death are vivid. 
i travel deeper, but find the edge:
a field of dead-yellow grass, no trees beyond.
hark back to the forest, the depth of it,
that thickness i wanted:
costing my parents too much, i ran
away, and dug my home into a willow.
i live there, barely room to stand.
                            --Pearce Green

Local Forecast

The forecast is
for moths to pour out of the sky tonight,
for distant storms
to gnash their teeth and run
out of rain before they reach us.
It says

that good and bad luck made a pact
to always act together, and that
fate has a searchlight
to find a way between the stars.
It says the desert will turn

blue when the sun sets
and coyote packs will sing to one
another from one century to the next
across an arroyo
lost in time. There will be

truth and lies that can’t
be told apart in daylight and not
at night when the owl

flies to the other side and won’t reveal
whatever is there. About tomorrow
there is little to say
except that there will be exchange rates
and hummingbirds, wars
and weddings,

ten per cent off groceries
and investments that affect the soul
even as it leaves the body wandering

in pursuit of the lost moon
                            --David Chorlton

broken autumn clouds
cold sky, colors of wet ink
somewhere, a thin moon
                             --Pepper Trail

harvest moon rising
over the tumbledown shack
and its roof of gold
                            --Matthew Edgeworth

feet scuff through dry leaves
earthy fragrance of damp soil
harvest moon shines bright
                             --Kate Chamberlin

Walking by a Maple Tree in Autumn

Hundreds of scarlet flags wave at me. I wave back.
                             --Nancy Christensen

At Path’s End

at path’s end I always stop
there’s something else living below,
it comes alive under October moon,
breaths not, frozen in first frost - unearned
past fears, lost dreams, that one, lost chance.
                            --Patricia Furstenberg


first day of autumn:
6am sickle moon
upside down 
cups what we can not see
                            --Carl Mayfield

autumn moon
what leaves
what remains
of us
                            --Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

in Brighton
beneath the Autumn moon
a lone unknown bird cries
                            --Madhushala Senaratne

while I turned my head
that traveler I'd just passed
melted into mist

After the New Moon

When the time comes, bury me
in the deepest part of memory,
the place where names fade
and last leaves lose their grip
to wild and icy winds.
When I’m gone, stop at the edge
of places we walked together
and listen hard for soft silences,
autumn days drained of sunlight,
and songs we once sang.
And when your days grow short,
I’ll return to you in the fullness
of a harvest moon in October,
a pocked circle painted yellow
by chilled winds heavy with dust.
                                                   --Todd Williams